Contact Lenses

All About Eyes helps our patients save money and time by offering convenient online ordering for contact lenses.

We carry more than just glasses at All About Eyes. We also carry contact lenses for those who prefer them. Whether you’re a first time contact wearer or an old pro, exams for contact lenses include special fitting tests that are not performed in routine eye exams for eyeglasses.

So if you are interested in contacts — or you already wear them and want to have your contact lens prescription updated — make sure you say so when you schedule your appointment for an eye exam. This will ensure your exam includes extra time for your optometrist to perform additional tests needed for a proper contact lens fitting or prescription update.

We know your time is valuable and have made it easy for our patients to order new contacts. You can order online using our website and have your contacts shipped straight to your door. Plus, if you order four or more boxes at a time you’ll get FREE shipping.